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Picture of famed super model and feminist artist Thais Mather shown in her New Mexico house. She is so well collected that she makes 10,000 a year on her work. AMAZING

Thais Mather is an installation artist born and based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Spanning sculpture, printmaking, painting, new media, and installation, Thais’ work explores themes of feminism, authorship, mythology, the objectification of culture, and women’s labor.


Mather has been a student and teacher of feminism for a decade. She holds an MFA in installation art and feminist theory from the Vermont College of Fine Arts where she is now a Graduate Professor of Art. She is a recipient of the Shipley Swan Fellowship for Printmaking, the Levin Lutz Fellowship for Installation and Research, and the LewAllen Grant for Educators. She has been featured in exhibitions around the country at Gallery Sonja Roesch (Houston) and Select Art Fair (New York,) among others. She has mounted solo exhibitions at Red Bud Gallery (Houston) and the Unit Store (Houston.) She is a represented artist at Form and Concept in Santa Fe, NM where her recent solo exhibition, Reckless Abandon, gained local and national critical acclaim.


With her husband Todd Ryan White, Mather owns and operates Good Folk Gallery, a folk art gallery in Santa Fe, NM. The focus of Good Folk Gallery is to support and create careers for folk artists from Northern New Mexico and Oaxaca, Mexico.

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